Hi, I'm Rochie.

It's nice to meet you.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Join me in my weekly musings on the magic in my challah bowl!

Warmth, Sweetness and Soul are the perfect recipe for challah—and as it turns out—for nurturing as well.

In my weekly challah baking I am endlessly awakened to the potential for ever more mindful nurturing.


Life gets busy and crazy and sometimes we forget to stop and smell the challah dough.

Join me in exploring the wisdom in our challah bowl, and in discovering that what emerges from the depths of this bowl is always so much greater than what we put in.

The Rising Life is a comparative study on challah baking and nurturing, reminding us to reflect and realign to ensure that we are always giving the best of ourselves, so that we, and the ones we love - will Rise

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About Rebbetzin Rochie


the official bio

Rochie Pinson is a mother, artist, author, avid baker, and Rebbetzin of a large and growing community
in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.


Together with her husband, Rav DovBer Pinson, they founded the IYYUN / Chabad Center for Jewish Spirituality which reaches thousands of people every year, both locally and globally, with classes, events, a tremendously popular website, and the publication of many books devoted to Judaism and Spirituality.

In her capacity as Rebbetzin, and Chabad emissary,  Rochie has been mentor to hundreds of women, and teaches and lectures on a regular basis.


Over a decade ago, she began teaching a Challah baking class/workshop – which took on a life of its own – attracting hundreds of women from all walks of life. Rochie took her class globally, and began traveling to other cities and countries, spreading the word about the incredible power of the Challah mitzvah and its potential to change women’s lives.

Rebbetzin Rochie has a unique blend of wisdom, spiritual awareness and down to earth practicality.

Her voice is both humorous and wise and appeals to a wide audience.

Her cookbook RISING! The Book of Challah, (Feldheim 2017) is the culmination of years of challah baking, teaching and mentoring, and is a reflection of her tasteful aesthetic, and warm, fun personality.

To book Rebbetzin Rochie for a Challah workshop, book signing or media appearance, or for more information:

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