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About the Book

Kids love challah!

In The Kids Book of Challah, Rochie Pinson brings her decades of challah baking and teaching experience to the next generation of challah bakers. Kids―and adults―of all ages will be enchanted and delighted by this stunning book of challah.


From baking terms to which tools to use to kneading and rising techniques―learn everything you need to know to take your challah to the next level.


  • Over 100 challah recipes and ideas, each gorgeously photographed and charmingly illustrated.

  • More than 50 unique braid tutorials.

  • Step-by-step photo instructions, of real kids making the recipes, to make baking challah accessible to the whole family.

  • Challah for the holidays and for life's special occasions.

  • Fun foods to make with challah dough and leftovers.

Includes a bonus section: the how and why of Shabbat candles, setting the table, and the mitzvah of challah.


Bring the spirit and warmth of Shabbat into your home, along with delicious challah!

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What's in the Book?

Q&A with the Author

You already wrote a cookbook on challah. Why another one?

Straight up? I'm a glutton for punishment (and challah, for that matter.) But all kidding aside, (just kidding, i'm not kidding) this cookbook is a bright spot that rose up from the darkness of the pandemic.

In 2020, when all my in-person challah workshops got cancelled, I entered into the homes and kitchens of the people I was teaching challah to - virtually. There I encountered the kids, so many kids! And they were the most enthusiastic about the challah. I kept getting amazing messages from the parents and grandparents, that they were baking together, that the making of challah with their children was changing everything. That it was the bright spot in this time of turmoil. I saw how bringing the children into the challah-making, Shabbat preparation process could change the vibe of the whole home.

Simply put. Kids love challah. I love kids. It was just the right thing to do.

Can you tell us about these photos?? Remember the gorgeous photos of book one? Monica Pinto, a super talented photographer from Porto, Portugal, took those, and I wouldn't use anyone else for this book. But there was no travel from Portugal to NYC due to pandemic :(, I didn't care. I waited. And the moment the skies opened, Monica was on a plane. She was worth the wait. When you see the photos you will understand.

But this book was not only about the photos of the food. I wanted to get photos of the children making each recipe, step-by-step photos that would walk kids (and adults!) through each recipe visually. For this epic undertaking I worked with Schneur Menaker, the talented and so-fun-to-work-with photographer of Fleishigs Magazine fame. He patiently worked insane hours, with overtired and hyper kids, to get the hundreds of photos that we needed. These photos really transform the book. I can't wait for you to see them!

And finally, this crazy book needed one more photographer as we neared the finish line, and my good friend, Chavi Werzberger, stepped in and took all the braiding pics, plus some other very special photos. Her work truly was the finishing touch the book needed! I will always be grateful to her.

Seriously, after all this, illustrations too?  What's a kids cookbook without fun, whimsical drawings? Martina Rosnokova, known as 'Huxmay' from Prague, did the drawings throughout the book. They are funny and whimsical and charming! They will make you smile, and every time you flip through the book, you will see something cute you haven't noticed before...

What's in the book?

A Master Class in challah, with all the basics covered! The tools we use, baking terms, kneading tutorial, and so much more!

Over 100 (!) challah recipes and ideas many with step-by-step photo instructions of kids making the recipes, to make baking challah accessible to the whole family!

Challah for the holidays! Challah for life’s special occasions! Fun foods to make with challah dough and leftover challah! Over 50 unique braid tutorials!

Bonus section! Setting the Scene for Shabbos: The how and why of Shabbat candles, setting the table and the mitzvah of challah.

What ages is this book for? While the publisher's recommended ages are 5-14, I think children younger and older will love this as well. The book isn't childish at all - and would make a fabulous Bat Mitzvah gift, as well as chanukah, birthday gifts for tweens and teens (notoriously hard to buy gifts for - if they love the kitchen - this is the gift for them!) The recipes are categorized by levels of difficulty, and every recipe has been tested by kids and is totally doable. Different age kids will be able to do different recipes, and all of them are great for doing as an adult/kid team!

Who's the publisher? How do I get myself a copy, or 10,000? My publisher/book distributor is Feldheim publishing, you can buy it on their site. They are really good about getting books into stores, and of course on the web at places like Amazon. But if you happen to see a store that isn't carrying RISING! and you think it should (and of course it should) please let me know!

Can you come to my house and make challah with my kids? When I go the 'Challah Poppins' route, I'll let you know. But in the meantime, I'm planning a book signing/challah baking tour, for adults and their kids! Please let me know if you have a favorite bookstore, or community venue, or book club...that you'd like to add to my tour. And who knows? Maybe we'll even bake challah together, it's happened before.

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