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Matzah for the Soul

Matzah for the Soul This challah lady is ready for some matzah!

As I anticipate that first bite into a crispy matzah tonight, I reflect on what that experience is about.

Matzah is the centerpiece of Pesach. It’s the very epicenter of what Pesach is.

It is the bread of faith. It is the bread of healing.

It’s the humblest of foods... made of nothing but the most basic necessities of life. Flour and water. And yet Matzah is our portal into the blessings for all things in life.

"V'Hashem Berach Es Avraham baKol" Hashem blessed Avraham with EVERYTHING. As we, the descendents of Avraham live out his-OUR-destiny, can we sit at the Seder telling our story and feel that we have everything? We are blessed with a body and soul- it's all that we need. Right here and now.

This gratitude is the purest expression of humility and it opens us up to the 'treasure house' of goodness which Hashem is ready to shower upon us.

May the Seder tonight illuminate for us the great gift of life and freedom that we have been given and remind us of our larger purpose in this world.

May we enter in a place of seder/order and leave the table in a state of total openness and acceptance, ready to receive the infinite goodness that is waiting to flow into our lives.

Wishing you all, my dear friends, an expansive, redemptive and transformative Pesach.

From my kitchen to your hearts. With love.


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