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Challah for the Soul - Parshat Vayakhel

Marzipan Challah from RISING! The Book of Challah

Marzipan Challah from RISING! The Book of Challah / buy it on Amazon today!

"And Moshe called together Betzalel, Oholiav, and the wise of heart whom Hashem had instilled with knowledge...and all who were inspired to devote themselves to the work"

Yes, there were certain people who were called upon by name to serve in the building of the temple,

and others who were so filled with wisdom and knowledge that it was inevitable that they would be a part of it.

But then there was the rest of the people. And they too were invited to participate in creating this magnificent structure for Hashem. The only requirement was that they be devoted and dedicated to the work.

In my challah career (yes, that’s apparently now a thing!) I encounter many women who seem to think that since they are not naturally inclined towards kitchen related activities, or particularly adept at braiding, they should better leave the challah making to the experts.

I always tell them the same thing ( I wrote it in my book as well- it bears repeating)

“The “perfect” challah is much like the “perfect” mother. It can be perfect in its love, intention and offering- that doesn’t mean it will be ‘professional and beautiful' and really- that's besides the point.

Homemade challah is not about polished results.

It's about the intention in the process. And that is where the real beauty lies.

We all have such power and potential if we only desire to dedicate ourselves to Something Higher.

Whatever we are doing to connect to our Source, be it the Mikvah, the Shabbat candles, the Challah- let's put all of ourselves into it - our inspiration and dedication- and who knows what we will accomplish?

I'm guessing nothing less than the final Temple.

May it be speedily in our days.

Shabbat Shalom! From my kitchen to your hearts with love.

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