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Challah for The Soul

Parshas Terumah

In this week’s parsha Hashem tells the Jewish people.

“Asu Li Mikdash, v’shachanti b’tocham” “Make Me a temple, and I will dwell within them” The way the verse is written indicates that when we create a space for Gdliness, we will merit to have Gdliness dwell within us.

This week we usher in the new month of Adar which is all about joy!

Our sages tell us that Gd does not dwell in a place of depression. If we aim to be that temple in which the Divine dwells comfortably, it needs to be a happy place.

“Happy wife, happy life.” “If ain’t mama happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Truisms are called that for a reason!

A happy woman builds positive relationships and a happy home, which makes the world a much better place.

So being happy is not optional- it’s our responsibility! Let’s find our joy and embrace it. With it we will heal the world.

Shabbat Shalom from my kitchen to your heart with love.

Photo above is of Gluten Free Challah from my cookbook! Photo by Monica Pinto for Rising! The Book of Challah

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