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Challah for the Soul: Parshat Yitro

“...Speak to the House of Jacob and tell the Children of Israel”

Hashem is telling Moshe to prepare the Jewish people for the Torah.

"The House of Jacob" - Rashi tells us; “these are the Jewish women.” Speak to them first.

They are the ones who will make this happen.

As women we are the builders of homes.

The heart and foundation of every family unit.

Through villages, towns and communities of strong, loving homes, a nation is built to last for eternity.

The secret to the survival of the Jewish nation? The homes that we build.

"Bayit Ne'eman b'Yisrael."

A house that is faithful to our tradition; a home in which the mitzvah of challah is observed, the candles are lit for Shabbos and the mikvah is central to the relationship, this is a home that will withstand the strongest winds, the fiercest storms.

This is a home that will remain upright, secure and eternal.

Each woman is a world. Contained within us is the potential to build a future.

Take a moment of mindfulness as you separate the challah this week.

You are connecting to the generations of powerful Jewish women who built the very foundations for the home and the family you now nurture.

It began at Sinai and the message heard then reverberates throughout history, into your home, in your challah bowl.

Wishing you a sweet, warm and uplifting Shabbos.

From my kitchen to your hearts. With love.

These gorgeous challahs are by @onesarcasticbaker

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