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Challah for the Soul: Parshat Mishpatim

This week's parsha tells us of the Laws.

The day to day workings of a Torah driven life.

At the end of the litany of laws we say as one,

"na'aseh v'nishma." "We will do, then we will listen"

It's a uniquely Jewish approach.

We don't begin with meditation and contemplation high up on a mountaintop separate from society.

First we DO.

Through the motions of life, even while engaged in the most mundane of activities, we begin to understand the depth of our connection and our capacity for holiness.

"Chal"/Mundane, becomes "Challah" with the addition of the Hei- that original breath of life that connects us at each moment to our Source.

The motions of nurturing life may feel repetitive and oh-so banal (diaper changes/dirty dishes... anyone?)

But when we are fully present to the possibilities for connection in the moment, we can elevate bread to challah, mundane to holy, everyday to Shabbat.

Let's take these words-"naasesh, v'nishma"- that we once said ourselves-to heart.

It's "fake-it til you make-it."

Smile and you'll be happy,

Engage fully in the moment and you'll find connection

Make challah and you'll understand Shabbos.

Shabbat Shalom to you all

From my kitchen to your hearts with love.

Stunning photo by @conaromadevainilla

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