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This week’s Challah is ‘Humble Pie’

Just when I started thinking I had this Challah thing down to a science.

This week, my challah came out wrong.

I knew something looked funny about the yeast when I sprinkled it in, it was dark brown, instead of the normal pale tan color.

I didn’t give it much thought (didn’t even check the expiration date! Which really is the first thing I should have done – It’s what I tell everyone else to do!) I was in a rush.

Actually, I think I got a little bit cocky when it comes to challah baking – my challah always turns out well, right?


It barely rose, this sluggish dough just sat there, mocking me in its pathetic lethargy.

The finished challahs looked pretty and all, but they didn’t bake through properly – it was doughy in the center, and heavy and generally, just not great.

I was kind of embarrassed to serve them. I’m supposed to be the challah expert and all.

Once again, challah baking reminds me to check in on my nurturing. I’m on ‘auto pilot’ most of the time. At this point, I think I pretty much have it figured out. Big Mistake.

I know when I’m doing something wrong, but kind of just hope it gets lost in the shuffle of all the good things . . .

But sometimes it doesn’t.

We don’t get to drive ‘cruise control’ in this Challah, or this parenting, thing . . . and just when we think it’s safe to look away . . .!!

So, next week I’m going to pay more attention when I bake my challah.

And until then, maybe I’ll pay a little more attention to the way I’m speaking to my children – I’m pretty sure there are moments that I would not want to be near a Child Support worker when I’m talking to my kids . . .

I’m going to try and be more present this week – and if something feels wrong, I’m gonna go back and start again.

That’s the beauty of this thing . . . we get to keep trying.

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