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Just Show Up

Deep Dark Confession.

I didn’t feel like baking challah today. Yesterday was Shavuot, and that entailed its own marathon challah baking session.

A few days before that was Shabbos – and now it’s erev shabbos again!

I woke up this morning reluctant. (that’s a nice way of putting it)

But, as I started working my challah dough- it started working its magic on me once again.

This time, I had a brand new revelation/insight into the creation of the challah dough – and I was so entranced by my own revelation (that yeast was working its way into my ego, apparently) that I completely lost myself in the challah dough and I’m not exactly sure how this week’s challah happened.

You know when you’ve driven the same route a thousand times, and sometimes you’re not even sure how you got there? Yeah. Like that. I have a beautiful dough sitting on my counter rising . . .wow. It just kind of made itself.

If you’re just starting out with challah baking – you won’t believe me. I promise, if you make it every week (or almost every week!) it will soon become something your body knows how to do, even when your brain is far away.

So, my revelation? I don’t even know if you’re asking – but hey. I’m offering!

Here’s the gist of it.

I’m always talking about the Challah recipe mirroring the recipe for life itself.

Now it comes to me that if that is indeed the case – it must then be apparent within the *10 sefirot – and so it is.

(the 10 Sefirot, for those of you who are wondering, serve as ten distinct filters, through which the Infinite (formless) Light is reflected into our world. They are how we perceive the Divine energy within our finite world of form. – want to know more? check out this video )

so here it is, my revelation And I was so inspired by said revelation, that it even gave birth to some artwork. I had so much fun creating this image – hope you enjoy!

Chochmah = Water Intuition, the intial spark which begets all life – Right Column Sefirah

Binah = Flour Left Column Sefirah – related to physical life – the actualization of the initial spark of wisdom

Da’at =Yeast The integration of Chochmah and Binah – what happens when they come together – Life.

The Rising begins

Chesed=Sugar Pure Kindness, sweetness – giving

Gevurah=Salt Restriction, boundaries, discipline – receiving

Tiferet=Vanilla (or any other flavor we add) The flavor that is enriched by both salt and sugar – yet adds its own dimension of beauty

Netzach=Oil Stands apart – always remains above – yet enriches all those who come in contact with it

Hod=Eggs The humble egg, whose job is to join together, while it remains in the background

Yesod=The Kneading The work of our hands, our participation and relationship with the dough we are creating

Malchut=The Challah Bowl The vessel which contains it all and where it begins to manifest – the container of life.

So, what I’m saying here is, essentially – we never know when inspiration will strike. We need to show up.

My lesson has been learned. Have a sweet, inspired and flavorful Shabbos!


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