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Getting a Little Challah Kitschy


I’m not into kitsch.

I like when things are meaningful – but am wary of venturing into ‘corny’ territory.

however . . .

today being erev Sukkos, and wanting to do something really special to show my gratitude to 2 very special people who are producing my upcoming Challah Demo Series,

I decided to tiptoe into the land of kitsch.

So . . .here it is! (I may actually be cornier than I let on . . . )

A lulav and esrog challah in honor of Sukkot and in honor of 2 lovely, creative and inspired people!


ps. – as I launch the site, I want to share the news that this lovely, incredible couple is now engaged! (it must’ve been the challah! Mazel Tov!)


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