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The Book of Challah


rise and shine.

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I’m not into kitsch.

I like when things are meaningful – but am wary of venturing into ‘corny’ territory.

however . . .

today being erev Sukkos, and wanting to do something really special to show my gratitude to 2 very special people who are producing my upcomi...


Just when I started thinking I had this Challah thing down to a science.

This week, my challah came out wrong.

I knew something looked funny about the yeast when I sprinkled it in, it was dark brown, instead of the normal pale tan color.

I didn’t give it much thought (did...


Deep Dark Confession.

I didn’t feel like baking challah today. Yesterday was Shavuot, and that entailed its own marathon challah baking session.

A few days before that was Shabbos – and now it’s erev shabbos again!

I woke up this morning reluctant. (that’s a nice way of...


I’m crying today as I say the blessing.

A dear woman, wife of a dear friend of my husband’s, only 38 years old has passed away leaving orphans and devastation.

It’s beyond comprehension. I think of their Tatty trying to explain. I can’t control my tears.

I say the blessin...


Exhilarated. Exhausted.

That’s a pretty decent summation of my feelings coming home tonight at midnight from leading a Challah workshop consisting of over 50, incredible women in Midtown Manhattan.

This was one of those weeks. Every piece of my crazy (awesome) life seeme...

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