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The Book of Challah


rise and shine.

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Adam ki yakriv mikem korban... "A person amongst you who brings a sacrifice"

This week we begin reading the book of Vayikra.

It begins with Moshe hearing Hashem calling lovingly to him, speaking to him of the offerings.

In the literal translation of the verse: "A person...


Parshas tetzaveh. Challah for the soul 

Garments of honor and beauty. 

Last night I stood in front of a crowd of women and spoke about the lessons of challah in our life. 

Getting up to speak involves much more than just preparing the teaching I want to impart... it also...


Rosh Chodesh Adar, 5778

So here’s the thing with challah dough… every single week it comes out slightly different.

I use the same recipe each time (you know the one… it’s in my cookbook :) and it’s always great!

But different each time.

And I think I know the reason why...


This is a Shalom Bayit Challah. With little separate rolls, each joining together to form the whole challah. Each roll with its own flavor, so everyone is happy and there is peace in the home.

This week's parsha is Vayigash. This literally translates as "encounter." 



"b’shuv Hashem es shivas tzion, hayinu k’cholmim” (psalms 126:1)
“When Hashem restored us to Zion, we were as those who dreamed”

This Friday is the shortest one of the year. We’ve barely managed to get our chicken soup cooked, and our challahs baked, and the sun is al...


The pumpkin craze—from home decor to lattes—has had a good run. The pumpkin has become the ubiquitous symbol of fall, harvest, and thanks-giving. But, like all good things... sometimes it's a good idea to give it a rest for a bit.

My pumpkin challah recipe (pg 146 in my...


Thanksgiving… What??

It has to be said. For a nation that’s so hung up on individuality and originality, Americans are shockingly square when it comes to their Thanksgiving menu.

Say it with me, we all know it.

Turkey, sweet potato stuff, mashed potato stuff, green beans,...


I always go on about how Challah mirrors creation.

Or more precisely – how Challah is a microcosm of all creation.

Which makes sense, seeing as how when we make Challah we are creating something that is alive and growing.

Today we began reading the Torah anew as we culmi...


It’s been a long time. I apologize for my absence!

In the madness of my cookbook photo shoot, I became a totally visual person and stopped writing. It’s like there are two completely different parts of my brain, and they don’t function at the same time.

After a month of...


Read on, maybe you’ll have your own list when you’re done!
and if you do . . . can you please share it with me?

So here it is! 10 reasons I love Tu B’Shvat:

1. All you can eat FRUIT.

2. It’s like the Jewish Groundhog Day, a sign of (hopefully, pleeeease G-d) imminent spri...

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