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The Book of Challah


rise and shine.

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I’m calling this one the Love and Respect Challah! Rye, Spelt and Whole Wheat living together in harmony. And don’t they just look lovely together? ;)

In this week’s Torah reading we read the commandment “love your neighbor as yourself” which Rabbi Akiva famously said...


Thanksgiving… What??

It has to be said. For a nation that’s so hung up on individuality and originality, Americans are shockingly square when it comes to their Thanksgiving menu.

Say it with me, we all know it.

Turkey, sweet potato stuff, mashed potato stuff, green beans,...


I always go on about how Challah mirrors creation.

Or more precisely – how Challah is a microcosm of all creation.

Which makes sense, seeing as how when we make Challah we are creating something that is alive and growing.

Today we began reading the Torah anew as we culmi...


It’s been a long time. I apologize for my absence!

In the madness of my cookbook photo shoot, I became a totally visual person and stopped writing. It’s like there are two completely different parts of my brain, and they don’t function at the same time.

After a month of...


Read on, maybe you’ll have your own list when you’re done!
and if you do . . . can you please share it with me?

So here it is! 10 reasons I love Tu B’Shvat:

1. All you can eat FRUIT.

2. It’s like the Jewish Groundhog Day, a sign of (hopefully, pleeeease G-d) imminent spri...


Now, lest you start getting all righteous and indignant on me, let it be known that I am well aware that there are actual species of living things that are truly endangered.

The rhino for example is a wonderful animal that is almost extinct, as is the polar bear and the...


Shavua Tov!

It’s been a bit busy over here – excuse my absence!

(I’m going to make up for it now with a really long post.)

Bear with me as I organize my thoughts, it’s been a whirlwind!

Just emerging from the blur that is Chanukah and having finished reading the book of B...


Something was bothering me all Shabbos, as I thought of my sourdough post.

As I watched and worried over my fledgling sourdough starter, I fretted (who even uses that word?!) that I missed something important in the chronicling of my sourdough journey.

It came to me on S...


Shockingly. . . I’m posting on a Thursday! But don’t start thinking that this means I am actually baking challah pre-Friday,

(read… Super organized and prepared person.)

I actually just spent my morning observing someone else bake (for a welcome change!!)

“Why?” you ask...


Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers speaks about the 10,000 hour rule. If you do something 10,000 times, or keep at it for 10,000 hours  (preferably not consecutively – can’t begin to imagine what that would look like!) you will become an outlier in that area. You wi...

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